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Release v1.6.0

I’ve just released v1.6.0, this release includes

  • Fix for data functions
  • Added OS Zoomstack to sample styles
  • Added color accessibility UI
  • Better support for OpenLayers
  • Assets now served up by https://www.jsdelivr.com/
  • Added support for ‘fill-extrusion-vertical-gradient’ and ‘symbol-z-order’
  • Export file named as the style name (if available)
  • Prompt user before loading style from the querystring
  • Add visible drag handle to layers list
  • Added option to enable showOverdrawInspector for MapboxGl
  • Fix layer wobbling on hover
  • Use access token on style change
  • Fix for custom layer property triggering infinite loop
  • Use StringInput for ‘formatted’ field type
  • Keep inspect mode consistent across renderer changes
  • Allow dev server to be bound to different host IP address
  • Prevent native browser undo/redo
  • Fix for buggy string/number inputs when inputting invalid intermediate values
  • Add semi-hidden debug panel, opened with ! shortcut
  • Added visualizePitch: true to MapboxGl.NavigationControl
  • Make popups scrollable
  • Added more webdriver tests
  • Also general updates and maintenance fixes across for codebase

Contributions from

Please raise a bug if you spot any issues.

Have fun mapping!

*Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with Mapbox or Mapbox Studio. It is an independent style editor for the open source technology in the Mapbox GL ecosystem.