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Release v1.3.0

We’ve just released version v1.3.0 of the Maputnik editor. @gregorywolanski created a survey with the aim of gathering feedback from the users of Maputnik. We really appreciate our users and would love to hear how you’re using it. So please go and fill out Gregory’s survey in the editor or via https://gregorywolanski.typeform.com/to/cPgaSY

Here’s what’s new

  • Added Survey (#328)
  • Updated osm-liberty repository for change of ownership (#333)
  • Add loading modal for styles (#330)
  • Added url option to display tile boundaries (#315)
  • Added keyboard shortcuts + modal (#313)
  • Color blindness emulation via url option (#312)
  • Added skip-menu link for keyboard users (#309)
  • Added keyboard accessible layer options (#306)
  • Disable spellcheck on <input>’s (#304)
  • Added support for encoding to raster-dem source, enabling terrarium tiles (#302)
  • Added prefers-reduced-motion support (#296)
  • Made color swatch larger to make it easier for visually impaired users (#297)
  • Added accessible modal via react-aria-modal (#300)
  • Made buttons actual <button>s so they are keyboard accessible (#298)

A big thanks to all that made this release possible (in alphabetical order)

As always, if I’ve missed someone out please leave a comment, or submit a pull request to this post, and raise a bug if you spot any issues.

*Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with Mapbox or Mapbox Studio. It is an independent style editor for the open source technology in the Mapbox GL ecosystem.