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Release v1.2.0

There’s a new release of the Maputnik editor v1.2.0. Let’s get a quick rundown of what’s new in this version

  • Improved key bindings, undo/redo now uses the correct shortcuts on OSX
  • Inspect mode after style change no longer buggy
  • Heatmap layer type added
  • Raster-dem layer type added, you can now do hillshading
  • Version string displayed in the UI
  • Added support for icon anchor/pitch-alignment
  • Added support for circle translate-anchor/pitch-alignment
  • Support added for styles without ‘glyphs’
  • Data functions now support styles without a zoom value
  • Autocomplete is functional again
  • Removed anonymous gist export as it is no longer supported by GitHub
  • More robust/complete automated tests via Webdriver

As always a big thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this release possible (in alphabetical order)

If I’ve missed someone out please leave a comment, or submit a pull request to this post.

Please raise a bug if you spot any issues with the new release.

*Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with Mapbox or Mapbox Studio. It is an independent style editor for the open source technology in the Mapbox GL ecosystem.