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Release v1.1.0

We’ve just released a new version of the Maputnik editor. Firstly, apologies for the long delay in pushing a new version. The aim is to get back to more regular releases in future.

So the majority of what we’ve been up to is improving the stability of Maputnik. There were lots of small issues that were affecting the usability of the editor so we’ve been busy fixing them.

There are also a number of notable new features including:

  • A zoom level indicator in the main UI. This should make zoom specific styling a lot easier
  • Clickable layer tooltips. Clicking on a layer from the map tooltip now opens the layer in the layers panel
  • Update to Mapbox GL JS (v0.43.0)
  • A button to expand/collapse all layers in the layers panel
  • ‘Load from URL’ option is now available in the open modal
  • A field to add comments to a layer
  • Data driven styling. Alongside zoom functions you can now find a data-driven styling toggle for supported fields.

A big thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this release possible (in alphabetical order):

If I’ve missed someone out please leave a comment, or submit a pull request to this post.

Also a special thanks to those who shared their stories of using Maputnik over in issue #164. It’s great to see people using the editor and definitely keeps me and I assume others motivated with development. So please keep the stories coming, anyone using the editor is encouraged to comment.

As always if you see a bug in Maputnik please raise an issue. Maputnik is only as good as the community (which is great by the way) so please continue to contribute in any way you can.

*Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with Mapbox or Mapbox Studio. It is an independent style editor for the open source technology in the Mapbox GL ecosystem.